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Kamis, 04 Mei 2017

Advices from a girl who are not 7 years old anymore.

"You are too old for AIESEC life"

It is not a new thing for me. I almost leave my 26 age. And guess what, I am still surrounded by bunch of young people who are still around 4 years younger than me. And my answer is always

"You know, I am not sure if in the age of 26 you will have all the experiences that I have today"

It is not bragging but I am pretty sure that all people have different experience, so I am always sure and rise my confidence back. This time I am trying to remember all lesson that life gave to me. Because, you don't need to go through all pain that I had to get all these life lesson. It is not dictating what you should in your life, hahahaha. I am not google who can answer directly all your questions.

So, here several my life lesson complete with the moment when I got it.

1. Good friend stay forever. They don't need to be contacted each day. They even never complain if you just come when you need them. And you can yell at them, angry all the time, but the next day you just hang out and talk like usually. Keep them all in your heart. The lesson from my best friend Ayu and Magvirah.

2. There is always right time for good thing to be happen. Push yourself to your limit but give time for good thing to happen. I got this point right after I won one award

3. Good result is only a gift for several people, but all diligent people will gain new skill and learning point. Only few lazy people are lucky. Be diligent :) This come across my mind after I finish all tracker open platform for AIESEC.

4. Don't rely on any people except your parents. Only parents who truly love you more than anyone in this world. Only them who never expect anything except your successful. I even saw many husband hurt his wife in this world. And all people sad when their parents leave them. So love them. I had this feeling right after my parents call me, ask me to come home and send money to my bank account :')

5. All people have different life, so do not compare yours with other. Your life is a life that many people wish to have it. Be grateful :) This one after meeting some people behind the "happy good instastory post" :D

6. All people will die, include the one that you hate. So, forgive them. No comment lah.

7. Love is not only comes from pacar (boyfriend) so don't be sad if you don't have one. Some people I know just cheated in front of me or being sad because their boyfriend are not loyal enough.

8. Get married is not the happy ending for all of your problems. So stay cool ladies ! I saw many people still complain after get married.

9. Be kind to people, we never know who are we going to meet in the next second. I forget when it pop up in my mind

10. Leave all friend that give you fear in your life. Life is already scary. You don't need extra horror friend :D

11. No one in this world have control of your life. when you are angry, try to sleep. :D

12. Karma does exist, but we feel it more when bad luck come to us rather than the good one.

All this advices is not a exact thing that will happen to you. But, I share the thing that happen to me, so you don't need to taste my failure :D

Rabu, 19 April 2017


DISCLAIMER : TOEFL below 550 and never take IELT test but still humble to share in English :D 

Nowadays, our milenials are quite often feel piss off because their parents don’t allow them to get their dreams or several strict rules for them. I am not sure if I am too old to give this advice. As a 90’s kid, I feel that there is nothing wrong with parenting today. I try to understand and accept the way they take care of me. 

Several time people ask me, why my parents let me do all things, and give me freedom that people think too much. So, here I am listing several hacks that I do to make my parents let me do what I want and what I believe including all strange ritual in AIESEC that my parents believe it will distract me from great dreams.  

  1. Regular check in , as AIESEC life obligate me to travel around for ‘not so short time’ so I need to make sure that my parents know where I am and what I am doing. I also do video call like taking medicine, literally 3 times a day. I will always tell them before leaving to where I go even when I have to face internet problem. 
  2. Brain wash !  don’t be so negative, just make sure that they know which part of the world I am going to stay and I am trying to make the place name familiar for them. For example “Dad, do you know what is the most growing country for economy in this world” absolutely it is India. I tried as hard as possible to rebrand the place to make sure that they won’t be worry. “Dad do you know where is my friend cousin father’s friend come from ?” .......“ICA ! you are not going to go there !” hahahaha. but I will always try to find other way !
  3. There is always second chance but no for the third ! Take all the consequences with you. Once you decide to do something, make sure there will be happy ending at the end. Collect all good and bad case practice from experienced person. Make sure that at end, your parents will hear good news about your struggling. If you face the failure then make sure you will try again with better preparation. Put all time, effort, money and love to your decision. So your parents know that it is worth to do. Once or twice is okay to complain, but not too often. 
  4. Know the channel of their news. I know that my dad is always reads newspaper in the morning. So, I make sure all my success story will be published on his newspaper. So, every news will heal their worry.
  5. Let them be part of your inner circle. Introduce friends, friend of friend, parents of friend, their neighbor, and tell your friend success story. But don’t tell too much, usually my parents end with comparing me with them :D But if I want to gossip, I will make sure my parents will be the first person I call. 
  6. Invest your time for them. Use it to clean your room, mop the house, clean dishes or several household. I know someone that always wake up in the morning to just get permission to hang out. 
  7. I remember one day my mom didn’t allow me to spend night in my friend's house. But I still need to attend the meeting. So, I start moving all my meeting to home, till my mom feel that it is too much and finally she let me to attend meeting outside till late night. 
  8. DON'T TELL A LIE ! apart from it is not good for your brand, it will make your brain think harder to just bury your lie with another lie. So, stay true !
  9. Once, my parents felt really disconnect with me when I was in India, so I wrote 30 postcards and sent it to my home, It was not only for my parents but almost all my friends. So, they came to my home and talk to my parents to take their postcards :') Even I was not at home, my parents felt my presence. 
Pose with Indonesia delegation for Global Village, Asia Pacific Conference in India. The third place that my parents allow me to visit after hospitalized for 10 days (left to right : Alina, Nu, Alsya, Muthy, Yeoda. All still single except Alina!) 
There is no guarantee that you will get permission easier after following all tips above. Different parents, different treat. It is only several success story from me who can leave home from morning till next morning, travel to “undetected place”. Even after hospitalized, traveling still not in my parents "haram" list and still make them heeemmmm little bit “happy” hahahahahhaha :D If you feel that you have another tips then let’s share ! 

Video to share : by Daniel Yeoda.

Sabtu, 18 Juni 2016

The things about AIESEC that you wish you never know :/

Hi, I am coming back! I just finished my AIESEC work and ready to face weekend. But then, I am thinking back about the reason, why I could be so long stick with AIESEC life. Some people think that I am a happy girl who is addicted about AIESEC. Now, I am going to reveal some struggling moment that not all people think could be happen in AIESEC.

So, here you are….

Even AIESEC is a good leadership organisation, I usually find myself that I don’t deserve to be a leader. I meet so many people great people in this organisation. I usually think that they are better than me, so they should be my leader. But, at the end all these great people who I usually met in AIESEC event, end up be my inspiration to be better in the future.

If people think AIESEC teach youth about management, I myself never have enough time to pack my back for travelling. There are so many places should be visited in my Wish list. All friends around the world keep inviting you to visit them. Sometimes you can’t resist and your calendar will full of travelling to meet other AIESECers and will be super difficult to manage it all. 

AIESEC make me spend money more. I found myself now is really excited to join many conferences. I always need to pay some fee in the conference, but what I get is always beyond my expectation. The things that make me happy, that my parents support me to join this positive event. Where I can gain many knowledge and meet so many people. This organisation also makes me believe that there is happiness that I can’t buy with money. 

Some people see our happy picture with foreigner friends on social media and think that we are  always having a great time together and have fun. In fact, some people who come from different background will be critical and make you think differently. Especially if they come from different country. Even we looks happy in the picture, but we always arguing about something because see something from different perspective. The diversity will make us become high tolerance person. But, don’t worry AIESECer always find the way to make peace. That is the reason we always have good picture in the end.

This organisation always makes me feels nothing! By getting into several social activities in this organisation. Helping people, knowing new people make me feel that all my difficult time is nothing compare with them. It opens my mind that there is always people who live more struggling than us. It makes me grateful that I can see many different life. Last but not least, to be honest this organisation makes me be forgetful person. Many different people come to me in really short. Usually, I even don’t have time to remember the name of ever single person. We share about the perspective and we will meet another people again. The same happen to the environment. It changes very quick. We should be adaptable facing the changing. 


Over all, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger!

Kamis, 12 Mei 2016

Saatnya Berhenti Berjuang (?)

Sabtu adalah hari yang ditunggu-tunggu. Akhirnya, sate yang kami jual akan di delivery pada pagi ini. Anti, yang telah menginap dirumah semenjak Jumat malam sangat antusias untuk menggenapi target penjualan. Sabtu subuh, tidak hanya saya dan anti yang antusias. Ibu saya yang biasanya sibuk dengan pekerjaan rumah, ikut serta mengatur sate jualan. We all are really excited.

"Dulu juga begini kubikin sama teman-temanku, karena banyak ka bersaudara jadi nd bisa minta uang terus" Ada maksud nostalgia rupanya ketika ibu dengan cekatan memasukkan 40 paket sate ke dalam dos-dos besar.

"Anti, nd bisa ko bawaki ini pakai motor, nanti separuh dlu terus kuantar separuh ke Tello. Nanti kuambil kalau selesai mi ko antar separuh" Ibu menjelaskan panjang lebar dan kita berdua setuju dengan strategi itu.

Anti dan saya lalu melaju diatas motor, dengan dos besar ditengah boncengan. Sesekali harus berhenti untuk mengecek alamat yang dituju. Panasnya matahari,tidak menyurutkan semangat untuk mengantar 37 paket sate ketika matahari tepat diatas kepala.

"Berhenti mki dlu kak, beli minum mki dulu di Indomaret"

Kami memasuki Indomaret dan bertahan sejenak untuk mengembalikan tenaga yang habis dimangsa liarnya mentari siang itu.
Masih senyum karena masih antaran pertama :D
"Deeeeeh, Anti liakko komennya anak-anak di grup Line yang sudah diantarkan sate. Alhamdulillah enak ji bedeng"

Dan Akhirnya kami menyerah setelah terisa 3 pack sate di dalam dos besar.

"Anti sudah mi dulu, nanti cukup ki uangta tapi sakit jki"

Setelah sate laku terjual, kami kemudian melunasi uang pendaftaran konferensi yang akan kami ikuti. Tidak sabar menunggu hingga hari Rabu.

"Kak, nda jadi ka berangkat"
"Ih apa nabilang ini, weeee jangko menyerah!"
"Deh kak, dosen ku bela mau bimbingan, baru nda cukup pi juga uangta"
"Deh sini mko anti pesan tiket baru berangkat ki"

Tiket penerbangan Lion akhirnya ditangan.

"Anti ini rute paling murah, Surabaya terus bus ke Semarang"

Semangat tawaf di mall dengan kerel yang super besar
Tiba di Surabaya kami lalu disambut Yuyun yang telah lebih dulu menikmati hiruk pikuk kota Semarang.

"Jam 10 pi bus ta toh? Nonton mki dulu kak, saya pi traktir ki. Kutau ji rasanya jadi pengembara"

Kami berempat bersama Wahyu, adik Yuyun kemudian berakhir di ruangan bioskop dengan tentengan tas kerel besar warna orange.

Setelah selesai nonton jam 8, kami kemudian kembali ke terminal untuk melanjutkan perjalanan ke Semarang.

A dream deserve a fighter.
"Sholat meki dulu di' terus makan ki supaya tenang-tenangki naik bus"

Kami berdua kemudian menikmati makan malam di sebuah kedai kecil di terminal.

"Anti kenapa lain gambarnya sama yang dikasi"

Setelah selesai dengan bersih-bersih dan makan malam, kami menuju bus Semarang yang terparkir diantara ramenya jajaran bus lainnya.

"Kak pindah ki kebelakang deh, nda bisa lurus kaki ku disini"

Saya kemudian mengikuti Anti menuju tempat duduk belakang. Saya terbangun beberapakali karena merasakan si supir melaju terlalu cepat. Namun, karena rasa kantuk yang berlebihan, saya mengalah dan tetap terlelap hingga terasa tubrukan keras menghantam bus dari bagian depan.

Saya terbangun dan merasakan sakit dikepala yang luar biasa. Kulihat darah segar yang menyebar ke punggung tangan kanan.

Bus yang kami tumpangi terbalik 90 derajat.
"Allahuakbar...Allahuakbar" saya menggigil dan gemetaran. Kupunguti tas kecil yang berisi barang-barang beharga.

"ANTI....ANTIIIIII AMBIL SEMUANYA...TAS MU.... ANTIII..." saya histeris dan tidak sempat mengingat. Tidak berhenti disitu, rasa panik bertambah ketika bau bensin mulai menjalar kedalam bus. Salah satu penumpang mendobrak pintu darurat di atas atap bus.

Anti masih setengah sadar tidak terlalu menyadari keadaan bus yang terbalik dan terseret 20 meter. Saya masih menggigil, kuminta alat sholat untuk melaksanakan sholat subuh dan saya sadar darah dari jidat kiri  ikut mengalir. Astagfirullah, benjolan besar dijidat kiri terasa betul sakitnya. Sujud pun hanya bisa setengah. Saya lalu dibawa kerumah sakit, karena benjolan semakin besar.

Saya melarikan diri dari rumah sakit, merasa pelayanan yang kurang memadai, dan rasa sakit yang sudah berkurang, saya kemudian menuju ke bus yang telah dibalik ke posisi semula.

Tas kerel yang berada di bagasi kiri akhirnya bisa dikeluarkan. Terlihat jelas kursi yang hampir kami duduki hancur berantakan. Anti dan saya hampir saja duduk di kursi itu. Kami kemudian dievakuasi menggunakan bus lainnya yang menuju terminal Terboyo Semarang. Rasa syukur tidak henti-hentinya kupanjatkan. Sesampainya di Terboyo saya kemudian mengambil gojek menuju hotel tempat konferensi.

Saya mungkin masih butuh waktu untuk kembali menggunakan jasa bus, tapi ini belum waktu yang tepat untuk berhenti bermimpi.

Alhamdulillah, it was a hard wake up call....