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Minggu, 15 Maret 2015


Hello my Indonesia!
I just realized that exchange makes me able to see my Indonesia from eagle view.  So, here I gave you some list, what actually I feel as Indonesian citizen about the gossip in Indonesia.

     1.     Flight accident,
Jadi pas kejadian itu, setiap orang yang lihat di surat kabar pasti selalu berkomentar, ini negara kamu kan? Kok bisa sampai sering terjadi. Kebanyakan mereka berfikir kalua kualitas pilot di Indonesia sangatlah buruk. Sambil mengelus dada saya menjelaskan panjang lebar tentang kondisi cuaca dimana kecelakaan ini terjadi. Ujung-ujungnya mereka bakal berfikir 2 kali untuk mengunjungi Indonesia. So saaaad~

     2.     Flintstone
Jadi beberapa bulan yang lalu ada teman yang tanya, nanti kalau kamu pulang nanti bisa titip ole-ole perhiasan batu nda? Disini lagi ngetrend tentang batu. Oalah sampai kuliat foto-for yang bertebaran di facebook rata-rata gambar jari tangan yang sedang dihiasi batu-batu indah. Jadi ingat serial fil kartun yang dulu sedang beken.

     3.     Demam film India.
Ternyata di Indonesia sedang musim nonton film India. Malah bulan lalu ad yang minta ole-ole perhiasan ala Jodha akbar. Ada juga yang tanya, sudah ketemu pemain Mahabarat kah. Belum tau mereka kalau disini saya cuman liat TV sekali sebulan :D

     4.     MLM dimana-mana
Jadi selama magang disini, nomor Indonesia saya masih aktif. Saya juga masih keep in touch sama teman-teman di Makassar. Dan yang paling sering membangunkan di pagi hari adalah chat promo produk MLM. Makin bangga banyak anak muda yang berjiwa pengusaha. Apa mungkin karena pak Jokowi sudah tutup lowongan PNS ya…

     5.     Haji Lulung
Entah darimana saya mulai gossip tentang Haji Lulung ini. Yang jelas meme tentang Haji Lulung ini selalu membuat saya tertawa lepas setiap malam.

     6.     Geng motor.
Saat pemerintah menaikkan harga BBM, masih ada-ada saja yang pakai kendaraan untuk melakukan aksi kejahatan. Semoga lekas sadar.

     7.     Banjir.
Jadi sekitar 2 bulan lalu wall facebook saya dihiasi gambar banjir ibukota Jakarta. Sedih juga liatnya. Sampai kapan ini bisa diatasi.

However, I am still proud to be an Indonesian. Especially when people asked me how many Islands in Indonesia? and I will said mmmmm more than 17.000 islands. WOOOOWWWW!!!
Being far from your country makes you have to think about all rumors in your country. People will ask you many questions, and you have to be smart because they will judge your country based on your answer.

Thanks for reading!

Kamis, 12 Maret 2015


Thanks to Ita Maryane who just asked me how to apply India visa for AIESEC GIP Project.

1.    So, first of all you have to have a digital and physical photograph for visa.

2.    And then complete the online registration.
For filling the application you will need some information such as, name of employer, address of company, your address in India and some basic information about yourself.
For GIP you applied for business visa with multiple entries. It makes me able to travel abroad from India and come back again.

            3.   Complete the support document.
-          1 filled online form
-          1 copy of Invitation letter from company (this is super important because it will be effect of your visa duration)
-          1 copy of EP AN
-          1 copy of TN AN
-          1 copy of passport
-          Original passport with 6 months available after exchange and 2 blank pages
-          1 copy of KTP or identity card.
-          1 colour picture 5 inch x 5 inch  

         4.  You will submit all the document in the Indian embassy in Jakarta.  At that time I took busway           and stop in gor sumantri than I continued with ojek.  I couldn’t remember the exact route to the           embassy. I hope the address can help you.

Jalan Haji R. Rasuna Said No.Kav 1, Setiabudi, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
+62 21 5204150

          5. You can come at 10 in the morning from Monday to Friday and submit all the documents.                  After that you will be back again at 4 in the afternoon to collect your passport and visa. In the             same time you will pay some fees. So, prepare your cash money because the ATM machine is             quite far. At that time I paid aroud 1.300.000 rupiah for 12 months and multiples entry. DON’T         FORGET TO ASK IF IT IS POSSIBLE TO EXTEND YOUR VISA IN INDIA AND                   HOW MANY TIMES YOU CAN EXTEND IT.

          6. Remember that they will start activated your visa since you finish your registration.  So, if you           apply 1 month earlier from your starting project, you are gonna finish your visa 1 month in                 Indonesia. So, please consider it before apply.

And when you get your visa don’t forget to scan it and keep the digital for your safety.

 If you want to know about my experience about India, feel free to read  my blog posts. 

Selasa, 10 Maret 2015

When AIESEC make me fall in Love

So, this afternoon Irina was sitting in the staffroom when I came and gave a big smile to her. I have booked my tickeeeeeeetttttt online! She asked me how and I explained her. We both then walked to in front of another class and sat on the bench while waiting for Aditi.

“You have changed a lot in 10 months” Irina surprised me and I asked her why. She explained that the first time when I reached in India, I even was afraid to buy my train ticket and traveled alone. Now, I can manage my ticket online and plan my travel where to go by myself. My skills have been shaped through my exchange experience.

But, forget about ticket and travel. It is only a small story about my leadership journey in AIESEC. There are a lot of story that I will never forget, how people in AIESEC help me to improve myself and I will always remember how my experiences in AIESEC shape my leadership.

I was sitting in library in November 2013 facing 3 interviewers from AIESEC. They asked me to mention 3 countries that I really didn’t want to go for exchange. I said India was in my first list. I didn’t want to go to India and face many problems there. Population is the main reason, this country was not safe from my perspective. My AIESEC gave me the chance to see closer, feel directly and dive deeper.

I packed my bag on 15 June 2014 and left my country to India. I passed the teaching project in India after struggling with 3 Interviews. I gave up and stop taking risks by missing chance to go for exchange in AIESEC. I kept waiting until another country apart from India announced that I passed. But none of them, I passed. I have to go to India because it was the only country that can accept my limited skill. I explained to my mom that I would be really careful in India. Especially 2 months before leaving, a doctor told me I got cirrhosis. Lucky me, that my mom could understand and allowed me to go for 11 months.  

Before I came to India, I have worked in AIESEC since 2012. I have known from the beginning that I would fall in love with this organization.  I introduced almost all of AIESEC members to my parents. Because I believe that I would spend more time in this organization and it would be my second home. I improve my professional skill by taking role in AIESEC. I was working as a public relation and I raised FAJAR newspaper, the biggest newspaper company in Makassar, as AIESEC’s partnership. I learnt how to deal with a big company. At the same time I built my personal network.

2012, 2013, and 2014 are the golden moment in my AIESEC journey. I applied many roles and passed GIP internship. Now, 2015, I am going to make my diamond moment, hehehe.  I am running my GIP project and trying to take higher position as LCVP Marketing in AIESEC LC UNHAS. This is what I like from AIESEC.


So, back to my story about booked online ticket. Maybe some people think, it is only a small skill. But can you imagine that before this I was the person who was afraid to travel alone by pete2 when I was in first semester in college. And because my exchange experience force me to break my limit and get out from my comfort zone.

I always believe that when I break my comfort zone actually I am expanding the zone. I was afraid to stay in India but now, I can travel everywhere alone in India. But please, I won’t do it in the midnight and wear impolite cloth. And many places in India really amazed me.

Then I was facing the moment where AIESEC in my city was opening the opportunity to be the vice president. I applied as Vice President of OGX and passed it. Unfortunately, I am still in India till now and couldn’t pass the next selection. The second reason why I like this organization is


I believe that my dream company will love to read my CV and hear my exchange story. I never as brave as now to take any risk and challenges myself in my life. One more thing about AIESEC that I know

You can shape your leadership skill through exchange because living a powerful exchange can develop your skill and create strong leadership. For me when you are able to convert the vision to be an action, that’s leadership.  

 So, if you are a member of AIESEC, why don’t you continue to take higher role, develop more skill. It will be difficult at the first. But if you are staying in your comfort zone, other people will shrink it. This organisation, make me fall in love many times in my live. I couldn't wait to see my AIESECer in my city. See you soon!

Senin, 09 Maret 2015

Kolkata, City of Joy.

Do you believe love at the first sight? I am quite difficult to accept this thing. I have to know more, dive deeper and I will decide. I still remember the first time I landed in Kolkata, city of joy in India. It was 17 June 2014 at 3 a.m. I had to wait for my next flight for 11 hours. I was in airport when 2 people were fighting and a policeman came with a big dog to stop them. It made me crazy. I hope people’s opinion about India was wrong. But I was frightened by this situation. I was still tired and got confused because of these two crazy men. Then I left this city with bad memory at 11 am to Ranchi. I wished I never come back and see horrible things again in Kolkata.

But, life gave me second chance to enjoy my holi holidays in Kolkata. When people throw colourful each other and burn bonfire to welcome spring season. From my city, it took me 7 hours by train. As usual I always take 3AC to travel. But that time was different. I traveled with Aditi, special need teacher in my school. She is one of my best mates in India. She is from Kolkata. She likes to manage everything and I like people decided for me because I have no idea how to survive in India at the beginning. Her opinion always is my first priority.

We reached at 7 in the morning. The railway station’s name is Howrah. It was really crowded. Aditi got into the line to get prepaid taxi. Finally I saw the yellow taxi that I usually saw in movie. It was black and yellow but now it is fully yellow colour. Aditi explained all things about Kolkata. I fall in love with the bridge near from Howrah station. In the same time my students were studying about types of bridge, finally I saw cantilevered bridge. It was awesome. The buildings in Kolkata have been affected by British.

Holi celebration was not in Kolkata when I reached. People in west Bengal or state of Kolkata celebrate holi one day earlier than other states in India. So, I was lucky because some people in my school also celebrated holi before I left.

We went straightly to house and refresh ourselves. I usually get tired after travelling but this time, I was super duper excited. I was planning to meet Lala and mom in Kolkata. She is working in one of hospital in Kolkata and mom came to visited her again. I hope it is not too late to introduce them. She was working in the same school with. Her mom came from Italy and invited me to visit Taj mahal together. Since that day, Lala’s mom and I are like mom and daughter.

I met Lala in the hospital. Aditi dropped me and finally I saw mom again. I gave her a couple gifts and I was happy that she liked it. I left hospital after 2 hours and went to mall with Aditi. 

I took some snaps in mall. I wanted to show that people are wearing saree even in the mall. 

They are proud to wear traditional clothes. We would meet again after Lala finished her work at 6. I am falling in love with this city. This city was like Jakarta. It was not really clean but much cleaner than other state in India.

The time when Lala took me to new market after worked, I could feel the Indonesian atmosphere. People bargained everywhere and the stuff are really cheap. Even I didn’t buy anything but I loved it. Lala bought many toys for her patients. She is working for special need children.

When we reached home, we had a rest and continued to enjoy music in the cafe. Lala wanted to shows mom the life in Kolkata. We enjoyed as well even we were really tired. In the morning when Lala left for office, mom and I still enjoyed the time at home. I wrote some postcards and sent them through post office near from Lala’s hospital. I dropped mommy and back to home. I got lost and confused. The road was really crowded. And finally when I reached home, I was sweating. It was hot day. I relaxed little bit and prepared the dinner. I arranged everything on the dining table and cooked chicken soup. 

We had really great time together. While having our dinner I played music and display all our pictures. After dinner I got awesome gifts from Lala and mom. I loved it.

I enjoyed my time till I had to say goodbye to Lala and mom in the airport. Mom had to back to Italy, Lala will stay in Kolkata and I had my train to back to Ranchi in the night.

I enjoyed my another story with Aditi. I came back to her home, slept and we went to mall to enjoy our lunch. I was sitting in the Chinese restaurant and enjoy buffet menu. Aditi treated me and I could feel joy in my stomach. The menus were great. I ate crab, shrimp, chicken and I found kerupuk!!!.In the night before I took my train, Aditi’s mom who I called mamaji cooked mutton and fish for me.

I love this city. I am sure that before I am going back to Indonesia I would stop again here once and enjoy everything. I am closing my journey in Kolkata with my blog stuff and enjoy my first class in the train. I took it to adjust my life story about Indian train. It is not cheap but once in my life I want to feel it. And it super luxury with single cabin and broad bed. I think it is designed for business people who are willing to travel in luxury train. So, good night everyone, see you in another story and of course thanks for AIESEC to support my entire life story in India.

Train to Ranchi, 11:38, 8 March 2015.

Kamis, 05 Februari 2015

When I am sad, I will read this!

I feel homesick and miss food in my home. And then I realized that I can be happy for many simple things. I made these lists for you. Who knows that we have the same happiness. I can be happy for small things and you also should try this.

Happiness is...

1. Buy some online discount product.

2. Sending some gifts through cheap post office.

3. Writing a post cards for family.

4. Eating fish and chicken.

5. Cooking for friends.

6. Visiting friends.

7. Having a crush.

8. Saying "I miss you" to crush.

9. Sending a love letter.

10. Cuddling a bolster.

11. Find a clean toilet and good shower.

12. Karaoke.

13. Brushing teeth.

14. Cutting nails.

15. Putting nail polish and realize that people amaze it.

16. Reading some stupid jokes with best friends.

17. Eating cakes.

18. Lying down and play all good memories in mind.

19. See pictures on phone gallery.

20. Neat bedroom.

21. Boil eggs perfectly.

22. Order delivery food.

23. Skype with crush.

24. Writing a blog.

25. Giving smile to mirror.

26. Reading a fairytale for children.

27. Getting replied on email.

28. Taking a nap

29. Dancing alone in the room with random song.

30. Decorating bedroom.

31. Loundry come on time.

32. Say hello to random people.

33. Poke some friends and hide.

34. Learn a new slang in different language.

35. Wearing shocks in winter.

36. Growing a tomato plant.

And happiness is not a sad face!!! Smile and find the simple reason to make you happy. Do it! Which number are you?

Selasa, 03 Februari 2015

It's time to get married!

Hold on... this is not about me.

After spending more than 7 months in India. I realize that this month is time for everyone to get married. My friend invited me to Chittaranjan, around 7 hours from my place, to attend his sister's wedding. Irina, Modeste and I went there by train. I was supper dupper excited, because it was my first time to travel with friends. We left Ranchi at 10 in the evening. We went to railway station by school car. Dean and his wife joined us together in the car. They were going for another wedding also. In the car, we were talking about culture and wedding tradition in our country.

In the train I met other people who also would attend one wedding party. My train delayed around 40 minutes, so we reached at 6 in the next morning. Now, I got used to travel in Indian train. Modeste, from Ivory cost couldn't enjoy at all. I though, I was the only one who enjoy our travel.

In the morning when we reached, they were doing a ceremonial to take water from the river. I joined them and I could see some people also were taking water for wedding ceremony. So, maybe this is wedding session in India.

In Indonesia, usually many people will get married before Ramadhan. In Russia itself, there is no special moment to get married. Irina said, even in the winter people will celebrate married. They usually prefer when they will have special date. It is like 12 December 2012 or 11 November 2011. So, it will be special date for them. The most important thing that most of Russian avoid to get married in May. They believe that if you were born or get married in May you will be suffer during whole life. And Russia wedding will be very simple. Even some people only register their wedding and then they will go to restaurant and celebrate with family.

Let's compare this things with Indian wedding. Indian wedding is like Indonesian wedding. It takes many days and spend much money. Russian wedding also can be really expensive, but it only takes one day. They prefer to spend their money for honeymoon.

Love story in India is also really interesting. If most of people are married because they love each other, in India most of them go for arranged married. Some people are agree about arranged married because they think that married is not only about a woman and a man. It is also about two family which will live together. People who disagree about arranged married usually because they have had love with someone else and couldn't live with another one. They think how they could live with the one that they don't love.

I am the lucky one. I have to go for both married. I will love someone and tell to my parents then they will arrange for me.

Back to the story about Indian wedding. We started the wedding at 8 o'clock in the evening. The bride was wearing a traditional clothes and I can see some girls really looks beautiful with fancy dress. Irina wore saree and she looked fabolous. I really enjoyed the party because I could eat many delicious food. I took ice cream twice and enjoyed chicken momo, special non veg snack in India. As you know that it is quite difficult to find non veg food in Indian party. Because most of them are Hindu and they don't eat beef or meat at all.

The party was really good. Usually I just saw all these things in movie. But this time I saw all the process directly. They started the wedding since morning till 3 a.m in the next day. The party took really long time. First, after the bride reached the hall, all people came and took her pictures also they gave some presents. After that the groom came with fancy car and the bride family welcome him. Then the couple sat separately in different room. After that, a woman from government office came with all documents and the couple registered their marriage in goverment. I was really tired and couldn't see the whole process. I just stayed till they made some rounds around the fire. After that I went home and slept.

In the morning I met the couple in the house. We gave the present. After that I went to post office to send my package. They played the game in the afternoon. The couple tried to find the ring in mud. I really enjoyed the ritual. It was fun.

In the evening around 5 p.m, the bride went to the groom's house. Everyone said goodbye and cried. This ceremony was symbol that now she is not only a daughter for father but also a wife for husband. The couple were sitting and every family gave bless to them.

While people were crying, other people are also celebrating a marriage party near from our house. It seems, it is time in India to get married.

It was exciting to see almost the whole ceremony. People said that, it was only west bengal tradition. If I will go to other parts of India, I will see different culture.

It is same like Indonesia. We have different ritual for different places in Indonesia. Wedding is one of many things the way people describe the culture. It is interesting because it mixture among culture, religion and government law.
That was the story about one of Indian wedding. See you in the next story!

Minggu, 25 Januari 2015

How to handle primary children in the classroom.

Hi ! I am doing my internship in India now, as an assistant teacher in grade 4 primary section. This is my first time to teach children in international school. And also this is my first professional internship. Of course, I faced many difficulties at the beginning and I always try to solve it. Now, I am gonna share my teaching experience. How and what I did to handle children in the classroom. I hope it will help you.

1. Know your students name.
Sometimes some students just make some noisy and it is bothering another student. When you mention their name to stop them, it will be easy to control them.

2. Prepare yourself.
Your student also a human. They will laugh at you if you make mistake in the classroom and it will destroy the concentrate in the classroom.

3. Prepare your lesson.
Children get bored easily. So, you have to think how to make your lesson interesting. You can show them a video or tell the story regarding your lesson.

4. Make connection.
Kids are really curious creature. They will be interested if you can make connection between your lesson and their life.

5. Dress properly.
Children like beautiful things. You don't need to put make up too much to attact them. You just need to dress neatly.

6. Counting down.
If you want them to do something and they are really slow, so you can start count down. Use count down to make you children do faster.

7. Sometimes, put yourself in their shoes. If you like compliment, of course they also like it. If you give them compliment, they will like you and listen to you. You also have to be friendly with them.

8. Story time.
If you are gonna tell them a fairytale, you can you use their name in the story to attract them.

This is only a short list but it helped me to handle my kids in the classroom. I hope these can help you too.