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Kamis, 05 Februari 2015

When I am sad, I will read this!

I feel homesick and miss food in my home. And then I realized that I can be happy for many simple things. I made these list for you. Who knows that we have the same happiness. I can be happy for small things and you also should try this.

Happiness is...

1. Buy some online discount product.

2. Sending some gifts through cheap post office.

3. Writing a post cards for family.

4. Eating fish and chicken.

5. Cooking for friends.

6. Visiting friends.

7. Having a crush.

8. Saying "I miss you" to crush.

9. Sending a love letter.

10. Cuddling a bolster.

11. Find a clean toilet and good shower.

12. Karaoke.

13. Brushing teeth.

14. Cutting nails.

15. Putting nail polish and realize that people amaze it.

16. Reading some stupid jokes with best friends.

17. Eating cakes.

18. Lying down and play all good memories in mind.

19. See pictures on phone gallery.

20. Neat bedroom.

21. Boil eggs perfectly.

22. Order delivery food.

23. Skype with crush.

24. Writing a blog.

25. Giving smile to mirror.

26. Reading a fairytale for children.

27. Getting replied on email.

28. Taking a nap

29. Dancing alone in the room with random song.

30. Decorating bedroom.

31. Loundry come on time.

32. Say hello to random people.

33. Poke some friends and hide.

34. Learn a new slang in different language.

35. Wearing shocks in winter.

36. Growing a tomato plant.

And happiness is not a sad face!!! Smile and find the simple reason to make you happy. Do it! Which number are you?

Selasa, 03 Februari 2015

It's time to get married!

Hold on... this is not about me.

After spending more than 7 months in India. I realize that this month is time for everyone to get married. My friend invited me to Chittaranjan, around 7 hours from my place, to attend his sister's wedding. Irina, Modeste and I went there by train. I was supper dupper excited, because it was my first time to travel with friends. We left Ranchi at 10 in the evening. We went to railway station by school car. Dean and his wife joined us together in the car. They were going for another wedding also. In the car, we were talking about culture and wedding tradition in our country.

In the train I met other people who also would attend one wedding party. My train delayed around 40 minutes, so we reached at 6 in the next morning. Now, I got used to travel in Indian train. Modeste, from Ivory cost couldn't enjoy at all. I though, I was the only one who enjoy our travel.

In the morning when we reached, they were doing a ceremonial to take water from the river. I joined them and I could see some people also were taking water for wedding ceremony. So, maybe this is wedding session in India.

In Indonesia, usually many people will get married before Ramadhan. In Russia itself, there is no special moment to get married. Irina said, even in the winter people will celebrate married. They usually prefer when they will have special date. It is like 12 December 2012 or 11 November 2011. So, it will be special date for them. The most important thing that most of Russian avoid to get married in May. They believe that if you were born or get married in May you will be suffer during whole life. And Russia wedding will be very simple. Even some people only register their wedding and then they will go to restaurant and celebrate with family.

Let's compare this things with Indian wedding. Indian wedding is like Indonesian wedding. It takes many days and spend much money. Russian wedding also can be really expensive, but it only takes one day. They prefer to spend their money for honeymoon.

Love story in India is also really interesting. If most of people are married because they love each other, in India most of them go for arranged married. Some people are agree about arranged married because they think that married is not only about a woman and a man. It is also about two family which will live together. People who disagree about arranged married usually because they have had love with someone else and couldn't live with another one. They think how they could live with the one that they don't love.

I am the lucky one. I have to go for both married. I will love someone and tell to my parents then they will arrange for me.

Back to the story about Indian wedding. We started the wedding at 8 o'clock in the evening. The bride was wearing a traditional clothes and I can see some girls really looks beautiful with fancy dress. Irina wore saree and she looked fabolous. I really enjoyed the party because I could eat many delicious food. I took ice cream twice and enjoyed chicken momo, special non veg snack in India. As you know that it is quite difficult to find non veg food in Indian party. Because most of them are Hindu and they don't eat beef or meat at all.

The party was really good. Usually I just saw all these things in movie. But this time I saw all the process directly. They started the wedding since morning till 3 a.m in the next day. The party took really long time. First, after the bride reached the hall, all people came and took her pictures also they gave some presents. After that the groom came with fancy car and the bride family welcome him. Then the couple sat separately in different room. After that, a woman from government office came with all documents and the couple registered their marriage in goverment. I was really tired and couldn't see the whole process. I just stayed till they made some rounds around the fire. After that I went home and slept.

In the morning I met the couple in the house. We gave the present. After that I went to post office to send my package. They played the game in the afternoon. The couple tried to find the ring in mud. I really enjoyed the ritual. It was fun.

In the evening around 5 p.m, the bride went to the groom's house. Everyone said goodbye and cried. This ceremony was symbol that now she is not only a daughter for father but also a wife for husband. The couple were sitting and every family gave bless to them.

While people were crying, other people are also celebrating a marriage party near from our house. It seems, it is time in India to get married.

It was exciting to see almost the whole ceremony. People said that, it was only west bengal tradition. If I will go to other parts of India, I will see different culture.

It is same like Indonesia. We have different ritual for different places in Indonesia. Wedding is one of many things the way people describe the culture. It is interesting because it mixture among culture, religion and government law.
That was the story about one of Indian wedding. See you in the next story!

Minggu, 25 Januari 2015

How to handle primary children in the classroom.

Hi ! I am doing my internship in India now, as an assistant teacher in grade 4 primary section. This is my first time to teach children in international school. And also this is my first professional internship. Of course, I faced many difficulties at the beginning and I always try to solve it. Now, I am gonna share my teaching experience. How and what I did to handle children in the classroom. I hope it will help you.

1. Know your students name.
Sometimes some students just make some noisy and it is bothering another student. When you mention their name to stop them, it will be easy to control them.

2. Prepare yourself.
Your student also a human. They will laugh at you if you make mistake in the classroom and it will destroy the concentrate in the classroom.

3. Prepare your lesson.
Children get bored easily. So, you have to think how to make your lesson interesting. You can show them a video or tell the story regarding your lesson.

4. Make connection.
Kids are really curious creature. They will be interested if you can make connection between your lesson and their life.

5. Dress properly.
Children like beautiful things. You don't need to put make up too much to attact them. You just need to dress neatly.

6. Counting down.
If you want them to do something and they are really slow, so you can start count down. Use count down to make you children do faster.

7. Sometimes, put yourself in their shoes. If you like compliment, of course they also like it. If you give them compliment, they will like you and listen to you. You also have to be friendly with them.

8. Story time.
If you are gonna tell them a fairytale, you can you use their name in the story to attract them.

This is only a short list but it helped me to handle my kids in the classroom. I hope these can help you too.

Jumat, 23 Januari 2015

Tips and Trick to download video from youtube


I hope this information can help everyone to get video easily and support learning process in the classroom.  

1.      Type your keywords on search column and you will get many choices of videos.

2.Choose one video and click the title.

3.      Put ss in the website link

4.       Choose the quality of video in the red box, click and you will get your video download automatically. To review your download list just click ctrl+J. 

Rabu, 21 Januari 2015

I am in INDIA!

I am in India. I have enjoyed my life here for 7 months. I am running teaching project with my friend from Russia, Irina. I also have friend from Ivory Costa and Bahrain. But they are men, so I see them not very often. We all are in AIESEC project.

People should come here. If they like travelling, they should visit India at least once in their life. There are many things in India to be seen. I prefer travel to visit people rather than visit the place. People are so much more interesting then the place. But, in India you can find the mixture between good people and beautiful place. I am trying to describe India through my blog this time. In my country, some people think that India is not really worth country to be visited. Because they think that India is full of criminal, dirty, hot and some people are really rough. It is absolutely wrong. I only have visited some states here. Yes, they are dirty. I don’t know some people in India really like littering. I really hate this habit. But, have you ever visited Darjeeling? It is one of states in India. I am not sure where exactly Darjeeling in India is. But, Irina said it was really beautiful place and clean. I am not going to talk about the place that I never visit. I stayed in Ranchi, Jharkhand. My school is in rare area. It is really big school and my salary makes me able to travel at least once in a month.

To visit India, you can come through International airport. I came to Kolkata and had my flight to Ranchi. If some people think that India is not a safe country. They are half wrong and half right, haha. Actually it is depend on you. This is my first time to travel alone and I am ok. Of course, I have to really be careful.

I travel by train. This is the reason why I really like India. They have train to go everywhere. If you have more money, they also have really cheap flight. But, in Indonesia we don't have many trains. After 7 months, I have spent 258 hours in the train. If you really want cheap price, you can travel in sleeper class in the train. It is without AC and too risky. Once, I went to Chattisgarh in sleeper class. I was ok, because I travelled with my friends.

When I travel alone, I will take 3AC or 2AC. It is quite expensive but safe for me. Talking about place, I really fall in love with Kashmir. I was there only 3 days. Three months before I came, flood destroyed everything in Srinagar, Kashmir. But I think the place is still beautiful. People are really friendly. And I am sure that Indonesian people will love this place. They have snow!!! People are also handsome and beautiful, hehehe. I left my heart there. I stayed in army camp and it was amazing surrounded by good people. But to visit Kashmir you should know someone there. It is a conflict area.

I went to Amritsar to see golden temple. It was amazing. I got free lunch in a big kitchen. Golden temple is holy place for Sikhism, a famous religion in India. People are working to serve meals without salary. They are working for their religion. And around more than 100.000 people will come and enjoy delicious food for free. It is open 24 hours. It is amazing!

If you are a shopaholic, don’t forget to visit New Delhi, it is really cheap. I bought an mini iron for 300 rupees or around 5 dollars. I went there many times. I was lucky to meet my friend from Indonesia. She is studying in Jawaharlal Nehru University. It is the best University in India. I could see many foreigners come and study there. It is good and really cheap university. But, once again, people really like littering and don’t eat street food there if you are not used to. Still, you can get cheap food in a good restaurant.

I have seen Taj Mahal.  It is really a beautiful building. Everything just amazed me. Behind the great building, there so many stories that just can make you more admire India. There so many plus points for India. Most of people can speak English. At least they can count and usually they use one or two English words in daily conversation. Maybe, because they were colonized by England at that time.

Do you know? If some people in Indonesia is not interested to visit India, it is opposite of some people in Europe. They are really crazy to visit India. Irina said that people from Europe would come to Goa and enjoy their holiday. Goa is like Bali in Indonesia. It is a tourist spot in India. Beach, nature, sunbathing and many things are available there. But Indonesian people are not interested about beach. Maybe because we have more than 17.000 islands and beach are everywhere. But, tell them that you can see snow in India, it will make them book a ticket to India for the next holiday. Hahaha.

Apart from all stories that I have told you, you have to come and prove it by yourself. India is really beautiful place. If you think India is a dangerous country because you have seen news about that. You will lose many chance to enjoy life in India. My father always says “It is about you, not about the country. If you just be careless, you won’t be safe wherever you are”.

Irina also see, "If you think India is dangerous, it will be dangerous for you!" So, keep your positive mind!

After all I would say, Danyawad India! I struggle, survive, and enjoy it! Keep calm and visit India next holiday!

Senin, 12 Januari 2015

Winter vacation, that I never had before!

Hello world! I realize that my English is not perfect and my grammar is awful Hahahha. But I really want to tell my story to the world. I am sure this not really a touching story or really great adventure. But if you are really interested to read about how easy to be happy for me and miss me so much, go ahead!

Around more than 60% percent of Indonesian people never see snow in their life. Maybe for some people snow is not an interesting thing. It is about cold weather, clearing the path, slippery road and heavy clothes. But for me, it is white, lot of fun, and really good time. Maybe because I don't have snow for 3 months straight and this is my first time to see it after 24 years.

I came to India in June, 2014. It was summer. The temperature was around 40 degrees celcius and it was Ramadhan. I couldn't do fasting at that time. I felt sick because it was too hot for me who just got 35 degrees celcius when summer in Indonesia. I had no choice, just stayed in my room and switched on the fan and had shower at least 3 times in a day. Apart from that, I also had to struggle in teaching my students. Trust me, teach my students is not an easy job. They are really active and smart. Sometimes, they make me feel that they are smarter than me. Even they are only grade 4 students.

From June to October, the weather changed quickly. Sometimes, it was bright sunny day in the morning and suddenly we had heavy rain in the evening. Lucky me, that my body was strong enough at the time. I consumed a lot of tomato and banana. Beside that, I kept my positive mind and tried to stay happy. I only had problem with my teeth. Maybe because in India I eat a lot of sweets. At the end of November, the weather totally changed. It was autumn. All green leaves just died and sometimes the wind blows really cold air. The mid of December, I was dying. I slept with 3 blankets, thick jacket, sweater and I usually iron my bed before going to sleep. My friend from Russia, Irina, gave me extra jacket to protect me from cold weather. She used to say that I would be an ice cream if I would keep going to Jammu for winter vacation. But I was really excited. I had a plan to visit my brother in Jammu. We met in Indonesia in 2013 and I would like to visit him in India. It is really far from my place, Ranchi. But I didn't care. Especially, because people said that I could see snow in Kashmir, which is not really far from Jammu. I was really excited. What is snow, how does it feel, can I eat snow, how cold is it, many questions just stuck in my mind make me couldn't stop counting down the days. I still remember it was just 3 days left and I cried. Not because I really want to see snow. But, I was really missing my brother, Achyut. We celebrated new year on 2014 and now we would meet to celebrate 2015. I was packing my stuff and all the memories just replay in my mind automatically. I called him on phone and tears everywhere, huhuhu.

Day by day, finally, I caught my train. I settled in my cabin and sat nicely on my seat. It took 3 days and 2 nights in train to reached Jammu. It was tiring and the weather just made my train moved slowly. India was full of fog because of winter. I met a kind woman in my train. We had the same destination. She spoke English well. So, I had good time with her in the train, eventhough my train delayed for 11 hours. Life in India is not easy for me. Sometimes I just think that I am not strong enough for India. And then, I remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Yes!!! That is absolutely true. I learnt to struggle and survived in difficult time. And after this, I can survive everywhere I guess. Sometimes, there were many things ruin my patience. In Indonesia, I usually cried just because I break my shoes or lost my stuff. But here, I still can smile after stuck in the train for more than 60 hours. Aychut, knocked my window and jumped into the train to pick me and took my bag. He with his dad, were waiting for me. I run to his dad who has called me many times to come to Jammu. I was so much happy to see him. I call him papa. He is like my dad in Indonesia. Eventhough everyone is different, but all children have a great papa and he is really a nice papa for me!

I was feeling upset to know that Achyut started his training the next day when I reached Jammu. He had to left me and let me enjoy my time alone in Jammu. His mummy took me to her office and told me many stories about Jammu. I felt in love with her. She spoke English well. But sometimes she just told me a long story and forgot that I am not able to speak Hindi. So, she just repeated the story in English.

I fought with Achyut after he left me at home from morning till evening for 2 days and he didn't explain anything to me. I just think that he forgot about me. Who was always waiting for him, counting every day, killed every minute to come and see him. I understood that he had his training every day. But the way he treated me, made me feel that I was doing stupid things to travel a lot and struggle much to see him. I cried whole night for myself. I felt so sad and stupid in the same time. The next day, Achyut asked me to hang out with his friends. He explained everything. I was the first and the only girl who stay and come for him. So, he didn't know what to do and what should he do. He was confused and busy in the same time. And boys are boys, I always think that they couldn't do 2 things in the same time. Doing his training and accompany me in Jammu were too much for Achyut, hahahah. So I decided to join his sister to go to Srinagar, Kashmir, by flight. Aditi, my friend, helped me to book my ticket. I left Achyut in Jammu and wished he could be more focused with his training.

"You will see snow and have a good time", Achyut dropped me in the airport and told me many exciting things about Kashmir.

"You will love the place. You will enjoy everyday with my sister. She will arrange holiday for you".

I stayed in army camp in Kashmir with his sister. After all story about Kashmir I expected that I would see snow this time and would really have a good time. Unfortunately, snow haven't fallen yet. This things could explain why I really hate global warming. I still could see sun shine brightly and feel warm under the sun, outside the house. I felt, dissapointed and upset. The snow hated me so much.

After 3 days in Kashmir, finally one man came to pick me up at home. Achyut sister, that I usually called didi, told me that he would accompany me went to Gulmarg, a place full of snow. We left home at 11 morning and took a small car then stop in one terminal. He was really kind to me. Unfortunately, I couldn't speak Hindi. So we didn't talk much. I tried to tell him many things in simple English.

"We don't have snow in Indonesia. I want to build a snowman", I talked to him while doing body language hope that he would understand me. He just gave me a simple smile. He is a moeslim and a handsome man. He introduced me to his wife and told me about his family. He mixed Hindi and English so I could understand everything. He treated me like a princess.

To reach Gulmarg we had to stop many times and changed another car. In the 2nd stop, when I got off from my car, I saw a big ice on the road.

"Oh my God, it's freezing. This is ice". I talked to myself observing everything around me.  The next car just gave me snow view. I was beeping in the car. My tears, just felt without control. I was really happy. I just wanted to jump out and touch them all. And finally we reached.

"Mai ap nam kya he?"
"Ou ok, mera nam Icha he"

Actually, we have travelled to Gulmarg for more than 4 hours and didn't know each other. First time I touched snow, I cried again. It was so soft and cold. We stopped in one place for two hours and I started build a snowman. It was difficult and slippery. I felt many times and worked hardly to make my snowman. At the end I only could make a small snowman and put two coins as eyes. It was ugly, but I felt happy. Mustagh bhai helped me and laugh so much at me. He must be thinking that I was a crazy girl, jumped and laughed on snow without any reason. We went back by train. He asked me to send to him some pictures about Indonesia from my phone. He dropped me at home without saying goodbye. When I took off my shoes, he vanished and just gave my bag to Mure bhai, the man who is working with my didi.

After that, I was busy surfing on my social media. I was excited to tell my mom that I have seen snow. We talked on skype and she cried. She said that she didn't cry, it is just because something happened with her eyes. Hahahha. I didn't know if she was really crying or not. But she said, since I was small, I always wanted to see snow. And I was born in Indonesia, where there is no winter and no snowfall. My mom, was really happy to see my pictures with snow. So I uploaded many pictures to make her happy. Lala, my sister from Italy, did the same thing. She cried to see my pictures that I sent to her. It was my big dream to see snow. After 24 years in my life, this is a big scratch for my wishlist, see the snow!!!

Life must go on. After I saw snow, now I believe that all dream can be reached. Sometimes we failed, and need more effort. Unfortunately, when I was supper happy with my snow around my head, Aychut lost his cousin. He died because heart attacked in Jammu. I called papa and told him to be patient.

I went back to Jammu on 7 January 2015, 2 days after my trip to Gulmarg. I went back by road. I had to take train first and stop in station to get my next car. Mustagh bhai picked me up in the early morning when I just finished my breakfast. I gave him a bar of chocolate for his daughter. He smiled and and we said goodbye. He gave me money as a present. I tried to reject but I don't wanna make him dissapointed. So, I keep the money till now, and maybe I will frame it when I reach Indonesia. Because, I really admire him. After all, even Aychut couldn't spend much time with me, God taught me many things in my holiday. I was really happy. I sat in my next car which would take me to Jammu. It was really scary road, and long trip. It took for me 12 hours in the car which was full of 11 people with really small space. I even sometimes couldn't breath properly. I would be back to Ranchi the next day by train.

The night that I had to sleep, but I didn't. I was just too worried to go back to Ranchi. It was annoying for every holiday. I was counting all my days to get this holiday and It just like I closed my eyes and everything was over. I had to back to my real world. But, I did a really stupid thing. I didn't check my ticket properly and missed my train. We reached railway station 10 minutes later. I just wanted to eat myself.  I lost my second class in train and I couldn't get my money back. Lucky me that papa struggled and got third class for me in the next day. Usually people are not able to get a ticket for a long journey one day before. But he did!!! Papa even paid for me. I cried for the stupidity that I have done. I know that I could stay one more night with them. God really listen to my wish. I stayed and enjoyed one more night with them. In the afternoon, when papa and mummy left for the funeral ceremony, Achyut showed me old pictures. We laughed a lot. We had really good time till I said goodbye in railway and left him without knowing when we would meet again. I cried whole journey remembering all memories and it seems I had full tank of tears. I cried a lot and people just stared at me in the train. It is always hard for me to say goodbye. Even I have said goodbye many times before, but this was the hardest one. I really miss everything there. I am very grateful for every second that I was with them. I am not sure when will I come back because it is really far far away. I am not the traveller who can survive 3 days and 2 nights in train. But trust me, I can do it for my special one in Jammu! Let's see!! I miss you!!! See you very soon!!!

The reason why you should be an AIESECer.

1. You can travel without flight ticket and move from your place.
Saya bergabung di AIESEC since 2012. Dan sejak saat iu saya mengenal banyak negara dan budaya dari peserta exchange. Saya mengenal budaya negara India di rumah saya. Saya mendapatkan teman dari berbagai negara. Saya tidak perlu terbang jauh-jauh terbang untuk mengenal negara Portugal. Benny, exchange participant from Portugal stayed in my house for 2 months and took me to her country through her story. Saya mengenal banyak negara dari mereka yang datang langsung dan memperkenalkan budayanya.

2. Kamu tidak perlu uang banyak untuk memiliki rumah di luar negri. I was hostfam for exchange participants from India and now every holiday I can go to their house, stay for free and get a new family here. Tentunya rumah ini tidak untuk dijual :)

3. Free english class!!! Kamu banyak bertemu guru bule dari berbagai negara. Kamu akan practice English kamu di setiap meeting AIESEC. Because practice makes perfect. Dan tentunya kamu akan memaksa diri kamu berbahasa Inggris untuk mendapatkan banyak info dari negara lain. Selain itu pengetahuan kamu tentang geografi akan meningkat 200%. Hehehehhe. Karena mereka akan menunjukkan tempat mereka melalui peta dunia.

4.  No gaptek!!! Di AIESEC kamu terlatih menggunakan email, skype, dan berbagai macam social media yang akan menghubungkan mu dengan negara lainnya. Kamu akan menjadi supper tenar punya banyak teman dari belahan dunia lainnya.

5. Education is the best weapon!!! Pernah mencoba menjalin kerjasama dengan sebuah company? Mencoba meningkatkan pemasaran hingga 100%? Mulai menggunakan photoshop untuk marketing? Menjalin kerjasama dengan negara lain? Di AIESEC kamu akan banyak belajar mengenai hal ini. Kamu akan mendapat kan banyak kesempatan edukasi secara gratis. Saya pernah mendapatkan kelas marketing dan international relationship di AIESEC. Dan semua ini tentunya akan banyak berguna di luar sana.

6. Free trial. Sebelum kamu terjun ke dunia kerja. Disini, di AIESEC selain kamu mendapatkan edukasi, kamu juga bisa dapat kesempatan untuk practice secara langsung. Dan semua itu bisa kamu mulai dengan trial and error di AIESEC. It's free and good for you!!!

7. Cita-cita kamu menjadi leader bisa tercapai disini. Jika kamu pernah bermimpi menjadi seorang manager, di AIESEC kamu akan menemukan banyak peluang untuk menjadi seorang manager dengan bidang yang berbeda. Bahkan jika kamu tekun and qualified kamu bisa menjadi president. Bukan sembarang president, tapi kamu akan terhubung dengan lebih 124 negara di dunia ini. Kamu akan menjadi anak muda kece punya banyak network di belahan dunia lainnya.

8. Develop your personality. Jika biasa nya kamu kurang yakin dengan isi CV kamu, di AIESEC ada banyak kegiatan yang bisa kamu cantumkan di CV kamu dan tentunya berskala internasional. Kelak untuk mencari kerja kamu akan lebih mudah kedepannya.

9. Kamu akan sibuk dengan kegiatan positif dan dikelilingi oleh orang-orang positif di AIESEC. Karena ini adalah satu-satunya organisasi international yang dijalankan oleh pemuda dari berbagai negara. Kamu otomatis menjadi duta untuk negara kamu di AIESEC. Kamu akan lebih sensitif terhadap world issues.

10. Jika 9 poin diatas adalah tentang mengembangkan dirimu. Poin ke 10 alasan kamu harus masuk AIESEC adalah the world needs you!!! Kamu adalah bagian terpenting di dunia ini. Langkah kecil kamu bergabung di AIESEC adalah suatu perubahan besar di dalam diri kamu. Saya percaya akan hal itu. Ada banyak orang diluar sana yang berfikir negatif tentang India dan melalui program exchange ini, saya ingin setiap orang melihat keindahan India dari perspective yang berbeda.

Banyak alasan mengapa kamu harus gabung di AIESEC. You should join and you will find it. I am an AIESECer, what are you waiting for?